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Updating & improving the Photo Studio!


I’m very excited to be receiving a new camera, lens and computer all within the next couple of weeks!  ‘Yeah’ for the new Nikon D800 (with 36 megapixels, 1080p HD video, and more!) being combined with the new 85mm 1.4G lens.  This means that the resolution will be like 3x better than before, we’ll be able to shoot short video clips for our client slideshows, and the images will be sharp as a tack in low-light scenarios.  The bokeh (the blur in out-of-focus areas in an image) will be really nice and aesthetically pleasing.  The new iMac is turbo charged and ready for me to run my applications (Photoshop, Lightroom, Photo Mechanic, and more!) at super fast speeds so I can get more done and have even more accuracy finalizing the final images for clients…making for even happier clients!

This is all just another of many steps we’re in the process of making ours the best full-service photo studio!


Verizon Wireless Zone

David Robles and Jillian Schneider (both of the Wireless Zones of Brewster, Mahopac and Patterson) were in the studio for business portraits.  They were really cool and easy to photograph as they’re both really friendly, photogenic, and eager to help their business succeed.  I find that those that are really looking to improve their businesses know that a great first impression (their business photos) is key.

Another great thing about this particular session is that we began networking together and we were all soon in a Linked In class together (hosted by their Patterson store).  While there, I also came across the newest and latest in technology:  the Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

You can check it out here:  View JETPACK

Or, you can visit any of the three Verizon Wireless Zone stores in Brewster, Mahopac or Patterson!

From Bride & Groom to Maternity Shoot!

Nicole & Jim are one of my favorite couples that I have photographed over my years.  I shot their wedding a couple years ago in Carmel (reception in Newburgh at Anthony’s Pier 9), and then they reached out to me as soon as they found out they were pregnant.  It’s always exciting to have clients have me shoot their wedding, then maternity and newborn/kid sessions as it’s awesome knowing how I’m documenting their major moments in their lives!

They told me that (apparently) it’s always raining when they come to the photo studio.  How do clients remember this kind of stuff?  haha

We dove right into the session, and it was loads of fun chit-chatting about anything and everything as we’re now old friends!  It’s great as we get to hang out, shoot some photos, and they’re completely comfortable with the camera because they know what to expect…that I’ll make them look flattering and produce memorable images for them.

There were just too many great photos from the session so I’m sorry I’m posting so many from this session…I’m just VERY excited for them!  I’ll be sure to blog about their upcoming Newborn Session in a few weeks.  Best wishes to the new parents!!

Rachel’s impromptu modeling session

Rachel is just the sweetest 6 year old girl! She’s always happy, smiling, and very polite and friendly. This photo session was going to be EASY!

Erica (Rachel’s mom) was struggling to find a fancy dress that fit the type of photo we wanted, so I was able to find one that I thought would be “classic”, but without the look of us trying too hard to be classic…ya know? She was pleasantly surprised by my taste in dresses (so I might have a future in photo styling?) haha.

Rachel warmed up to me and the camera immediately…partially because we have a giant movie theater in our studio that she was anxious to go watch, so I know building the theater was a good idea. We clicked away on the photos and I believe I shot the fewest number of clicks than with most any other kid. She was just a natural! We were so ahead of schedule, I decided to give her the complete modeling experience….the Fan! She loved having her hair blown like a real model, and again, I got the shot right away.

Then, at the end, I nudged Erica into the photo with Rachel. Erica wasn’t prepared for the photo, but I knew she’d look great no matter what. What a cute shot! Rachel ended up having a great time with the session, she got to watch Netflix in the theater, she had some of the munchies we put out for everyone as well, so she left the studio very happy. And then Erica asked me to post the photos on her Facebook as she was very anxious to show everyone. Cool!

Gabriel Rush

Lights! Camera! Action!

Gabriel Rush is an accomplished Broadway, television, and big screen actor from right here in Brewster, NY. I’ve been doing photos for his family for a few years now and wanted to share a few photos from his most recent session to update his head shots. Gabriel is an awesome kid who is not only talented, but he’s genuinely nice, polite, and beyond his years.
For his portrait session, I wanted to do something out of the ordinary for him this time. So I took Gabriel to an empty warehouse in my building to get some natural light shots. After doing the requisite head shots, we did some shots with a simple hoodie that he brought with him, so I got to do some quick outside-the-box photos. Sure enough, his agent picked one for his new head shot! I love the ability to be creative!
Gabriel has appeared in the Broadway smash hit “Billy Elliot”, on the TV series “Law & Order”, and just finished filming a feature movie “Moonrise Kingdom” (co-starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel, Jason Schwartzman, and more!)
Congratulations, Gabriel! Good luck with your career…and keep smiling!!!



Brian & Christina

Mother Nature was very kind to Christina & Brian by holding back the rain all day on June 11th. A drop here…a drop there…but overall, no rain! They tied the knot in Carmel at Our Lady of the Lake with the great help of JoAnne who makes sure weddings happen smoothly (I recommend that everyone gets married at this church…she’s awesome!!!) Christina arrived in a classic Rolls Royce limousine with her dad (limo provided by Club International Limousine…ask for Al!)

After the ceremony, the crowds cheered and threw this wedding-rice stuff that were actually little hearts that were made of a gum paste that crushed if stepped on and it’s safe for animals! Good thinking! (And it made for cool photos!) Then we headed up to Patterson Park for some cool shots of them on their motorcycle. Then we walked over to the pond for some pretty shots. What’s cool about this is that the trees and the rest of the property is actually theirs…Brian maintains the property for the town, hence, it has more meaning to them!

Then we were on our way to Boscobel House & Gardens in Garrison, NY. The grounds are always pretty and make for spectacular images. After a photo session there, they hopped back into the limo down to Ceola Manor in Jefferson Valley where they enjoyed great food and danced the night away with family and friends. Ceola Manor put on a beautiful display with their great food, service, and an awesome Viennese display that got everyone out of their seats. Paul Holman from Euro Video provided thorough videography services and was awesome to work with (as always). The bride’s flowers came from the A&P in Patterson…yes the A&P!!! (Ask for Maria…they were great!).

When the evening was over, they packed their bags and headed to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon and had an amazing time! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Burdick!!!

View Christina and Brian’s wedding highlight slideshow.

Amelia Satriale

Family portriatDina & Pete Satriale of New Fairfield welcomed their beautiful daughter, Amelia, into the world on Christmas! It took a couple months to get into the studio, but better late than never, right? Barbara (Grandma) joined them as well to help orchestrate the session. (Others may interpret it as ‘bossing’, but I took it as very constructive direction.) And indeed, it really was! Barbara was very helpful and equally excited about her new granddaughter.

It was Dina and Pete’s first time with baby photos so it’s always fun to see how different parents handle their new babies. Pete was more hands-on than most fathers and it was really cool to see how Amelia responded to him. She just adores her daddy! Dina was shy at first but loosened up very quickly as well, and we got some great cuddling shots of them together. All the while, I was waiting for the usual burst of uncontrollable screaming, but Amelia was a champ! She uncoiled a big scream for about 5 seconds (I captured it!), and then she was basically done crying.

The end results were awesome as Dina, Pete….and even Grandma…were all very happy with the photo standouts and frames that they went home with today. Their 2nd session of the 3-part Collection Series they’re doing with the studio will take place at the end of the summer. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted on them as well. And a big CONGRATULATIONS to Dina & Pete on their beautiful daughter! Amelia is awesome!!!